We’re raising funds for Toilet Twinning and Tap Twinning, a part of Tearfund. 

Thank you to everyone who supported this project. The project is now closed.

Did you know…
– 2 billion people still do not have basic sanitation facilities such as toilets or latrines
– 3 billion people don’t have handwashing facilities at home

In many poor communities, access to toilets, taps and training is lacking and leaves people trapped in a vicious cycle where they are more likely to have other illnesses, experience discrimination and children often miss school or drop out entirely. Access to clean sanitation is essential to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

This vital cause needs our support now more than ever before.

We can make a difference by raising at least £1,000 by August 2021 to enable families to build a toilet, have access to clean water, and to learn about handwashing and other hygiene principles.

How to give

  • Directly to the church bank account: contact the treasurer.
  • Via ChurchSuite – click the button to the right
  • Via cheque sent to the church treasurer

How Toilet Twinning works

Want to do more? You can twin your taps and toilets at home too!

Find out more about Toilet Twinning and Tap Twinning here: https://www.toilettwinning.org/